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Oncology Drug Evaluation Services

OncoDiversity Cell Line Panel

Noble will screen your drug candidates using our OncoDiversity Cell Line Panel, a diverse collection of cell lines spanning multiple cancer indications.

Results from the cell line panel screen can be matched to the genetic background in the cancer cell lines to determine a molecular biomarker profile correlating with the activity of your drug candidate.

Noble’s biobank resource containing DNA and protein from each cell line is then used to confirm the drug:biomarker correlations that were discovered in the cell panel screen.

Validation of the drug and biomarker response in vivo can be carried out in cell models shown to be sensitive to your drug.

These studies provide an understanding of the expression status of the target and molecular pathway in the selected model; determination of the active plasma concentrations of the drug; modulation of the downstream pathway in which the target functions; and assessment of the therapeutic index.

By examining the response of a broad spectrum of validated DNA and protein-based biomarkers to therapeutics, we deliver data that enable more confident decisions.


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Pharmacodynamic Models

Noble provides services for establishing pharmacodynamic biomarkers that link drug candidate activity affecting the molecular target with downstream signaling pathway effects.

Results provide a clear rational for determining optimal dose and schedule requirements for clinical studies.