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Neutropenic Mouse Thigh Model of Infection 

Service Description

The neutropenic mouse thigh model of infection is a platform for the in vivo study of antibacterial agents under conditions optimal for efficacy, i.e., neutropenia.  Because the pharmacology of antimicrobial agents is affected by the presence of neutrophils, animals are rendered neutropenic with the immunosuppressive agent, cyclophosphamide.





NTM GraphResults of vancomycin treatment in neutropenic mice challenged with Staphylococcus aureus (Groups 2-7); group 1 was not inoculated. Following the bacterial challenge, mice were treated with either vehicle or vancomycin. Dose is total over a 24-hour period administered at 2, 8, and 14 hours post inoculation. The mice were sacrificed 24-hr post inoculation (Groups 1, 3-7) or 2-hr post inoculation (Group2); the total CFU/gram of thigh was measured for each group (n=3).